Tidar Drag Race in Time

The Tidar Drag Race held is a street racing among cars held every few months in Surabaya, Indonesia. Everytime this events takes place, my heart leaps with joy because I can have a chance to join car racing again. Many car racers would join and we would feel each other’s joy and excitement to win in the game. How can we win in the game? Looking at all the cars that each participant uses, we feel nervous thinking that our car might lose in the battle.

In Tidar Drag Race Cup 2013, there were numerous car brands with different speed power joined from different speed team like Aji, Fathahillah, Autotech, AP Speed and others. Most of the time, car racing would actually happen almost every night but for Championships like Tidar Drag Racing Cup 2013. The car racers give thanks to Speed parts of automotive teams like what is mentioned above.

In car racing, car racers would look into the parts of the car first before purchasing it. The quality of the speed matters to them since they will go for championship games. It is necessary that they will have to buy high quality wheels, tires, lower springs and other parts that are necessary not the car not to die in the middle of the race.  In the game, there are 10 class brackets namely:  All motors, Bracket 9 seconds, 3.1, 3.1B (sedan trunk), 3.3a, 4.3 bracket 10 seconds, 4.5 bracket 12 seconds, FFA, Exhibition Ninja 2 stroke, and here are the winners recorded throughout the game (class not in order so winners and participants are not in order)

Amec achieved the first position with a time of 8.799 seconds in All Motor class

Daihatsu Charade-newly participant in the drag race.

Honda Civic Estilo EG6- This is always on the list.

Honda City Type Z-this is also new participant in the game.

Estilo EG6 Red Devil of AP-this often takes the first place.

AP Fatahillah Speed ​–obtained third position in class bracket 9 seconds

FFA Fatahillah- got first place with a time of 9.038 seconds in bracket 9 seconds

Khrezna GAR GAR-won first position in class 3.3a.

Aji ranked first with record time of 10.073 seconds in class 3.1b

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport- third place in bracket 10 seconds