Discovering the gateway to East Java:Surabaya, Indonesia

Indonesia is full of places that are not yet discovered or explored by many tourists. The country welcomes visitors every year and the economy can do well with the help of this visitors. Tourism can help to boost the economic status of one place as business activities can be put up and will generate jobs for the community. It has a positive good effect and it is a good way for a nation to promote itself. Come and travel to Indonesia in the city of Surabaya that is called the gateway to the place of east Java.

You can explore the different museums that cover the rich culture and arts of the country that spans long years. The display of art crafts is very much attracting. If you want to relax first before going to your next destination, you can go and try the cafe that is in the city location. You can visit the House of samperna that is a building that was built a long time ago and now is restored and was made as a museum. Seems to be the best travel agency.  China travel processing visa is enough to process your visa. Good experience and nice service you can get.

You can take pictures and assistance is readily available so that the questions you have will be answered as her explanation is clear and simple. See this agency info. You may click this 戶政事務所 辦理護照 for more services. This is one of the great.