Reckless Driving Must be Reduced.

There is always a rule in driving: mentally awake. This is why driving is something that should not be done when you are drunk or drowsy otherwise you break the rule. In driving, there are many threats following you. Driving when drunk or drowsy is not a heroic action, (for some considers it that way). Avoid driving recklessly. IN many developed countries such as Korea, the highway is just straight and that drivers feel comfortable. Nevertheless, why are accidents still happening? This means there are reckless drivers.

In some countries like Nepal and Peru, there are national roads that have many blind curves at the same time the road is sloppy. In Nepal, if someone who is used to drive in a straight highway  drive in a road like that in Peru, they will feel uneasy due to the curves that might cause their accident. However, there will be no problem if you stay on guard. It must be difficult to be driving in that kind of road especially during the night.

This is why when you are driving in such a road and the tract is not familiar to you, it would be better to drive slowly. It is better to be slow and careful than to be reckless. It better to be slow than regret in the end. It must be very tough for drivers to drive when they are also tired. When tired, their mind cannot also focus well. They might be dozing off while driving(this is something that really happens). This is one of the causes of accidents.